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Photography Conditions:

❗️Terms of the photo session.
Please families yourself with conditions, knowing which will facilitate our combination and make the photoshoot as comfortable as possible for both you and me .

✔️1. By choosing me as your photographer, you agree with my style of photography and photo processing.
✔️2 . By agreeing to my photography , you confirm that the photos you have taken can be used for my portfolio and published on my web page. If you are against posting photos on social networks, let us know in advance (an additional fee is charged for this)
✔️3. When registering for a photo shoot, I take an advance payment, which is not refundable! After making a prepayment, you cannot cancel the shooting, but you can reschedule it for another day. A refund of the prepayment is possible only in case of my cancellation of the photo shoot. The rest of the payment is made on the day of shooting at the end of shooting.

✔️4. The availability of photos depends on the workload during this period. You or I can choose the photos to be processed at your discretion.

✔️5. The duration of the photo shoot includes time for changing clothes, moving around locations.
✔️6. We kindly ask you not to be late!

Arrive 15-10 minutes before your scheduled time. Every girl has her own block of time and if you’re late, it takes minutes out of your time, please don’t be late. Plan for traffic, parking, walking, finding the location and any other unexpected events.!!!
If you late, the subsequent waiting time is deducted from the photo shoot time or an additional fee is charged for additional time).

✔️7. Preliminary discussion of clothes (dresses for rent), hairstyles, makeup and the image as a whole, because I want everything to look harmonious in the frame.

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